Being a symbol that makes part of our lifes, whitch is the history of them? It looks that there oldest form is the ‘’Swastica Hallada’’, that was found in india, and the meaning was ‘’good luck’’. The Egyptians use to call ‘Ankh, and was concidered the magic key that would open the imortality portal.With out conditionate the people that can weare them, this jewels don’t define age or sex, they simply are free of life, art and glamour solidify in this collection.The cross is an universal simbol of positive energy and we can find them in all the coltures in the wourld.


Insects, maybe the oldest creatures in the earth. A pararel world in a smal escail, they can be stronger then everithing around, they can be metal, they can be grass, they can than transform a paradise in hell. A small creature that have power to move a world.

Rising Natures

Since long time ago that the nature is a fount of inspiration for all the humanaty. One of the main simbols is the leave,that inspire the shape of the first boats, and the main one , as a protection. From the leaves thei created ancestral teas, health cares, inspired to create clothes and jelwery. they chage forms , colores and even textures.


This tree bugs, the beatle, the ant and the spider, they belong to a first study of the form, of the texture and color.This images were later captured whith an old and first tecnhic of capture images, they use silver nitrate and the exposition to the light, and the image is "printed" in an alminium plaqe as they start to do in the 20 ́s.

Other work developed

This work has been developed as expiences with other materials, tecniqes, scailsmand even orders from clients